SysML Training

Visumpoint’s training course “Introduction to SysML” provides Systems Engineers with the knowledge and ability to specify and architect systems, components, and other entities using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). The course introduces the basic practices of Systems Engineering using the SysML notation. Through the combination of lecture, examples and practical exercises, the student will learn about the processes, techniques and artifacts necessary for the object-oriented analysis and design of complex systems. This course uses and explains the diagrams, symbols and concepts of the SysML.

Upon course completion, students will understand:

  • The need to model systems
  • Key Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) concepts
  • SysML key concepts (model organization, blocks, parametrics, activities, interactions, states, use cases, requirements, allocations and profiles)
  • How SysML models large and complex systems
  • How to specify correct, clear, concise, consistent models
  • How to apply SysML to the System Engineering lifecycle
  • How to customize SysML for specific domains

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