SOA Modeling Language (SoaML) Training

Visumpoint’s ““Introduction to SoaML” course provides architects, analysts and designers with the ability to design and specify services within a service oriented architecture using the SOA Modeling Language (SoaML). The course introduces the basic practices of service modeling using the SoaML notation. Using SoaML, the student will learn how to support service modeling and design and how to fit it into a model-driven approach. Through the combination of lecture, examples and practical exercises, the student will learn about the processes, techniques and artifacts necessary for the specification and design of complex services. This course uses and explains the diagrams, symbols and concepts of the SoaML.

Upon course completion, students will understand:

  • The value of Service Contracts and modeling the SOA
  • SoaML concepts and the role of the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • How to specify and design systems of services, individual service interfaces and service implementations
  • How to support the automatic generation of artifacts using an MDA approach
  • How to specify correct, clear, concise, consistent models