Technology is moving at the speed of innovation, the speed of imagination, the speed of knowledge. Is your company keeping up?

Visumpoint offers intensive training courses in the following leading edge technologies. Each interactive course is based on real world experience and is taught by hands-on experts, giving your organization the knowledge and skills they need to gain the competitive edge. With our training services, visumpoint hopes to transform, enhance and extend the knowledge of your development team. Using our field-proven coursework, we train your staff to develop the necessary skills to effectively manage and utilize technology and execute projects in-house, thereby reducing outsourcing costs and improving the efficiency of your team.

Is your company keeping up?

All visumpoint courses are taught by seasoned professional with many years of real world on-the-job experience. Every instructor is trained to offer a hands-on, pragmatic learning environment that incorporates years of lessons learned and anecdotal experiences.

Visumpoint’s full software lifecycle curriculum and professional training staff will give you the knowledge and skills to be more productive when developing today’s most challenging applications.

Visumpoint Training Courses include:

  • OMG's Certified Expert BPM (OCEB) Training
  • Advanced Use Case Development
  • Business Process Management (BPM) for Analysts
  • Effective Requirements Gathering
  • Modeling with Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation
  • Service Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Architects
  • Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM)