Service Oriented Architecture Modeling Language (SoaML) is an OMG UML profile and metamodel for the design of services within a service oriented architecture. It was designed to support the activities of service modeling and to fit into an overall model-driven development approach.


As a member of the board for the OMG and supporters and contributing authors to numerous standards, visumpoint is in a unique position to understand and adopt specifications at a very early stage. Our standards development activities provide us the opportunity to network with industry peers, broaden our understanding of industry and technology, and gain familiarity with the content of standards in which we are involved. As a result, we are capable of facilitating early compliance and anticipating market requirements.


Visumpoint provides mentoring and training as well as consulting services supporting SoaML. We are adept at using the SoaML profile to support the range of modeling requirements for service-oriented architectures, including the specification of systems of services, the specification of individual service interfaces, and the specification of service implementations. We do it in such a way as to support the automatic generation of derived artifacts following an MDA based approach.


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