Executive Briefing Series

When you combine the pace and complexity of changes in technology with the myriad demands on today’s executives, it is easy to see why remaining current on relevant solutions and resources is extremely difficult at best. That is why we have created the visumpoint Executive Briefing Series.

The visumpoint Executive Briefing Series has been designed to give business executives in all disciplines the information they need to make informed decisions when evaluating the latest trends in technology. This is not designed to make you a technology expert. These briefings are designed to provide information that is relevant to today’s executive. They inform you about what these technologies do, why you should care, what they might mean to your organization, how to use them successfully, how to estimate cost and ROI, and long term value.

Visumpoint offers Executive Briefings in three delivery formats: open enrollment, web-based and on-site. The web-based Briefings offer a condensed 4 hour overview. For a more detailed briefing, we offer an 8 hour session that can be delivered at your site or through an open enrollment course.

Executive Briefings:

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visumpoint’s Executive Briefing Series brochure.