Healthcare has become a system of data silos that operate independently of one another. Business divisions adopted technology at different speeds and for different reasons. Moreover, vendors developed solutions that didn’t integrate with current systems. As a result, systems are incapable of communicating with one another which leads to fragmented care and services, wasted money and resources, and customer dissatisfaction.

Interoperability is the premier building block in leveraging technology to improve the quality of healthcare. It provides the opportunity to make any healthcare organization an information-rich, patient-focused enterprise in a value-driven environment. And Enterprise Architecture provides the path to interoperability.

Enterprise Architecture presents significant opportunities for the healthcare industry because it provides a comprehensive view of the entire operation. This viewpoint provides a complete inventory of the different facets of the business and how they work together. By seeing how these relationships interact, the various departments within a healthcare organization can begin to see how every decision they make impacts the entire operation.


Visumpoint doesn’t just adhere to the healthcare technology standards, we help create them. We are contributing authors to OMG and HL7 standards that support Enterprise Architecture. We go beyond understanding the complexity of today’s healthcare organization; we are actively trying to change it.

For additional information, please read our Enterprise Architecture for Healthcare document.