Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the structure, processes, relationships, policies and the ecology of the business.  Understanding the EA provides an understanding of the impact of decisions on the enterprise.  It provides a means to align processes, identify risk and to create sustained value for the enterprise.


Due to the natural complexity of an organization, EA is the amalgamation of several sub-architectures and their relationships addressing the dimensions of the business.  As an example, a Business Architecture (BA) articulates the vision, goals, objectives, policies and capabilities of the enterprise.  How a BA is delivered in an organization may be articulated through it’s Solution Architecture (SA).

EA can be captured using Enterprise Architecture Frameworks.  The framework provides a means to describe an EA in a repeatable manner; it provides the language relative to the owners to describe the architecture.  The framework also provides the relationship between elements, for example how a specific capability from the BA is connected to an application in the SA. It makes your EA actionable!


Enterprise Architecture provides visibility of how the enterprise strategy is realized and impacted by the structure, process, relationships, policies and the ecology of the business.  It elucidates risk, highlights opportunity and provides the roadmap for the enterprise.


Do you know your Enterprise Architecture?