Business Process Modeling

BPM Practice

Visumpoint’s BPM Practice provides our customers with a complete BPM solution, enabling them to effectively design, implement and continuously improve their enterprise processes. The resulting business benefits include lower costs, higher revenues, productive employees and satisfied customers.

Visumpoint consultants will help you justify the BPM investment by completing an extensive assessment to determine the following:

    • How clearly are organizational processes reflected in your applications
    • The challenges and opportunities in your organization that can be addressed by BPM
    • How are business processes implemented
    • How easily can processes be followed
    • The effects of a BPM tool on the organization

We offer comprehensive consulting services throughout all phases of the lifecycle, from defining BPM requirements to deployment. visumpoint consultants will guide your team through Business Process Modeling, process activity implementation, process execution and deployment and process monitoring and analysis. Our consultants will train your staff on how to best use Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) capabilities, allowing adjustments to process simulations to improve efficiency. We can help you implement a successful solution that will maximize your ROI and minimize your risk.

Visumpoint consultants bring a unique combination of hands-on experience, business process best practices, and knowledge about the various BPM tools, enabling them to help you design and manage business processes that effectively integrate people, technology and systems to deliver improved process performance.

Business Process Modeling


rocess modeling can be challenging because it must be consistent as well as capture relevant information so that both business analysts and developers understand the business requirements that are captured in the model. The models must capture alternatives and exceptions to standard procedures as well as normal operations. Process models can meet a variety of business objectives for people with different scopes of interest and expertise.

With such a variety of BPM tools on the market, how do you decide what’s best for your organization? visumpoint can help you select the tools to model, analyze, simulate and improve your business processes. Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience with the leading BPM languages, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). BPMN provides your business with the ability to understand internal business procedures in a graphical notation and communicate these procedures in a standard manner. BPEL builds on the emerging foundation of Web Services standards and expects to be the cornerstone of SOA implementations.

Business process modeling brings opposing teams together and reveals new opportunities. You need an experienced partner to help your organization realize these benefits. visumpoint consultants can help you streamline functions, focus software development efforts and become more innovative.