OCEB Fundamentals Training Class


he OCEB Fundamental examination covers seven areas of Business and Business Process: Business Goals and Objectives; Business Process Concepts and Fundamentals; Business Process Management Concepts and Fundamentals; Modeling a Business’ Motivation and Goals using BMM; Fundamental BPMN Modeling Concepts; Fundamental BPMN Modeling Skills; and Survey of Process Quality, Metrics, and Governance Frameworks.


With this level of knowledge, and a corresponding amount of industry experience, a BPM Practitioner holding the OCEB Fundamental Level Certification can be a productive and responsible member of a BPM team. On the business side of an organization, supervised by a holder of one of the higher OCEB certifications, the practitioner and team may discover and model business processes, or work with associated Business Motivation models. On the technical side, the practitioner and team may implement a BPM Suite, or connect it to sources of analytic data. OCEB Certification at the Fundamental level is a prerequisite for every other OCEB Certification.


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