OCEB Business Advanced


With this level of knowledge and expertise, and a corresponding amount of industry experience, a BPM Practitioner holding the OCEB Business Advanced Level Certification could be qualified to lead the business side of an organization at a Director level.  This practitioner is responsible for BPM scope and direction throughout an enterprise and should have the broad knowledge and skills including: aligning BPM with Enterprise goals and resources, employing advanced BPM with BPMN, managing all BPM programs within the enterprise, advancing change management, assessing and implementing compliance and assurance strategies and advancing topics in process improvement.  Specifically, a practitioner holding the OCEB Business Advanced certification should be able to match the business processes with the stakeholders’ goals, identify and appropriately manage available resources, be able to respond to changing business goals and conditions and influence and drive enterprise decision management.  They will also employ advanced process discovery by working with large models, splitting  models for outsourcing and use model validation techniques.  To manage BPM programs, this person should establish and drive a BPM Center of Excellence, developing road maps for an enterprise BPM, and use techniques to drive business adoption, business case development, business architecture development, and portfolio management.  The practitioner is also able to manage change within the organization by implementing and aligning rollout strategies with organizational change, assessing degrees of impact and driving advanced change techniques.  Prerequisites for this exam include a passing score on the OCEB Fundamentals and OCEB Business Intermediate exams.

Course Outline