Training Classes for OMG Certifed Expert in BPM (OCEB)


s one of the creators and contributing authors to OCEB, visumpoint is in a unique position to provide comprehensive training across the suite of exams. The OCEB™ program - OMG-Certified Expert in BPM - consists of five examinations, granting five Certifications. Recognizing that BPM practitioners on the Business Side and Technical Side of our industry use different sets of concepts and tools, the program splits into two tracks above the Fundamental level (as shown in the figure below) to define separate Intermediate and Advanced level certifications. Certification at each level requires certification at all levels below it in its track.  Candidates may take the examinations in any order, but Intermediate and Advanced Certifications will only be awarded after required prerequisites have been met. 


OCEB is a rigorous, comprehensive, and fair test of a candidate's knowledge and skills in the areas of Business Process Management and Business Process Modeling. Visumpoint and twenty-four experts from top BPM companies and well-known independent consultants who designed the OCEB topical coverage and wrote the questions for the set of OCEB examinations want peers and prospective employers to feel confident about a certified candidate’s ability to participate in or lead real-world initiatives in enterprise BPM. To accomplish this, OCEB tests not only a candidate's knowledge of the domain's standards (such as BPMN™, BMM, and BPMM), but also aspects of the application of those standards in the field, and of industry best practices, over a wide range of business process- related topics. Skills are tested by asking a question about a short scenario, presented in a few sentences or a small BPMN diagram; the multiple-choice examination format does not allow for extended problem-solving.


All visumpoint OCEB training courses offer full coverage of exam material. Each training course is offered in three delivery formats: On-site, open enrollment, and on-demand web-based. The on-demand web-based training is currently the most popular and most requested as it allows the student to go through the material at their own pace.  


OCEB Classes::

Business Intermediate
Technical Intermediate
Business Advanced
Technical Advanced
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