At visumpoint,we work with you to identify and create an Enterprise Architecture for your business and data, which gives you a comprehensive view of your entire operation.

Visumpoint develops semantic interoperability tools and solutions that enable our private-sector and government clients to develop practical answers to urgent business questions, merging and understanding complex data from many sources. Our solutions drive down costs, reduce cycle time and enable you to understand better the impacts of your decisions on your enterprise. Our robust, adaptable solutions use model-driven practices that greatly enhance your organizational agility. The more complex your information environment, the more time and money we can save you, and the more knowledge and power we can help you mine from your organizational data.


Once defined, your Enterprise Architecture and data flow gives you a road map to your business goals, and helps ensure that these goals are supported by your IT initiatives. By providing a relevant structure for an IT strategy, your IT department then becomes an important asset to your business strategy.